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"Basically his spine was like a pop can and broke his neck and he's been paralyzed since," his cousin Derek Anderson said. Tucker was paralyzed from the chest down after the accident, forcing him to adapt to a different lifestyle than what he was used to. But he's determined to not let his accident define him. Anderson says Tucker's latest battle won't stop him from living the life he loves.

"As long as he continues to do exactly what he's been doing, there won't be a problem for him to be as independent as he needs," Anderson said.

The community has rallied around in support of Tucker. Autosound opened on doors to Tucker's friends and family and held a car wash with 100% of all proceeds going to his family. "We've actually had quite a few cars, had a pretty good line going on for a little while and hopefully we'll get them rolling back here some more," Autosound manager , Scott Williams said. Williams says Tucker will always be supported by the Topeka community "He's a good kid," said Williams. "Always has a really good outlook on life and he's a really good friend of the shop."

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